PROFILODOMI Mounting Systems

Having extensive experience of mounting systems,

we offer many different types of solutions  from small installations to big investments:

Systems for Solar Parks in ground,  with Standard and Adjustable inclination.

Systems for industrial roofs, building surfaces .

Mounting structures  in customized orders .


· Cooperate with a company which has experience, reliability, consistency.

· Delivery always on schedule, with short shipping time .

· Optimum static design, fast and economic installation, elegant & durable structure 

· Products that they are following Europeans standards (eurocode 1, 3)

· Structures made of world known & applied materials of galvanized steel,

     no special tools or welds are necessary

· Superior design, including Diagonal Braces, Mounting Rails, Supporting plates,

· Stainless steel mounting clamps.

· Innovative systems, with adjustable inclination all year around

     in order to increase the power production .

· Depreciate faster the cost of the project.

· After sales support, installation guides.