PROFILODOMI Storage Systems
Στρογγυλεμένο ορθογώνιο: CABLE TRAYS, PROFILODOMI


extrusion 1mm

On the bottom of the cable tray, the extrusion is 1mm,

The extrusion protects cables during installation and helps them to slip over.

The cable trays with the extrusion hole at their bottom have a greater rigidity both in their width and length .

The profile of the cable tray is designed in combination with the placement of the cover to provide better rigidity at the top of both sides.



Reinforcements for bigger rigidity

The basis of cable trays is shaped with reinforcements for bigger rigidity along of cable Tray.  The number of the reinforcements in the bottom depends of the width of the cable trays.  Reinforcements can be replaced with holes 7x25mm for better ventilation of cables, made-to-order 

The profile of cable trays is designed to provide better rigidity at the top of the both sides, in combination with the right placement of the cover of the cable trays. cable trays and accessories can be manufactured with literal height, width & thickness different than typical, made-to-order.



Cable trays without holes   



 The covers of cable trays can be clipped on the trays  because of their special shape.



type Atype Btype Ccover

Cable Trays with Lateral Heights : 35, 50, 60, 75, 85 100 and 110 mm ,Cable Trays Accessories and Supporting Systems