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One Row vehicle arrangement


One Row vehicle arrangement 3 or 4 solar modules portrait


Two Rows vehicle arrangement

Carports are an ideal solution for parking areas in commercial buildings, especially when customers prefer places where they can keep their car protected from sun and rain. Profilodomi has designed various kinds of durable structures for carports. They have designed according to Eurocode 1. 3 for structures and they withstand to strong winds and snow loads. The following carports are some of our designs . We are ready to reply at any information you may want to ask about.



Two Row vehicle arrangement 3+3 solar modules portrait

PD. CP1.3P
One Row vehicle arrangement 3 rows of solar modules portrait
PD. CP1.4P One Row vehicle arrangement 4 rows of solar modules portrait
PD. CP2.4P
Two Rows vehicle arrangement 3+3 rows of solar modules portrait - (two inclinations structure)
PD. CP1.6P
Two Rows vehicle arrangement 6 rows of solar modules portrait (one inclinatio structure)  


Modern, low cost & high performing structure for  carports 

Carports  are manufactured according customer specifications,

There are many arrangements for 1 or 2 car rows and 3 up to 6 rows of modules and 1 or 2 inclinations.

The height is suitable for cars, vans and campers and small trucks  ,

It consists of lightweight high strength carbon steel sections . Structure is significantly competitive and durable .

The structural analysis is calculated with Eurocode 1, 3

It is a robust structure with high durability and excellent aesthetic results in the parking area

Structure components rail beams & parts are made of Galvanized Steel

Module clamps are made of 2mm Stainless steel .

Concrete foundations.